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Identifying and Fighting Assisted Living Abuse

Identifying and Fighting Assisted Living Abuse

There simply comes a time when an elderly individual can no longer take care of themselves. From injuries, to old age, to different diseases or ailments, it is impossible for them to live at home on their own. And, for children (or other relatives), it might be too difficult for you to take care of that parent full time. From full time work, to the kids, to the piling bills, you just don’t have the time or energy to care for your loved ones. This is when you might choose to place them in an assisted living home, or hire an at-home care nurse. In the event they are mistreated, aren’t being properly cared for, or if medical attention isn’t performed in a timely fashion (when time is of the essence), you don’t have to stand by idly. There are lawyers and firms which specialize in the area of assisted living abuse.

What can these firms provide (legal services) –
So, you might wonder what the team at can provide for you as a client. What if the assisted living facility claims no abuse or ill-treatment occurred? A great law firm will not only find the evidence (video camera, on site nurses or staff, other residents of the home, etc), they will compile a case to prove the poor treatment or abuse occurred.

The legal team will collect medical records, doctor notes, and staff notes, in order to learn about how care was administered (or lack of care). They will work to find cases or other instances where abuse occurred in the same home. The lawyers will call on witnesses, experts, and other nursing homes (reputable, licensed homes), to determine the proper level of care which should be provided to its residents. All of these services in turn allow the lawyers to present a case against at home care or nursing homes, so your family and loved ones are properly compensated.

Types of abuse are endless –
Cases of physical abuse (beating/hitting), sexual abuse (non-consent), or even unnecessary procedures (so fraudulent compensation is earned by the home), occur on a daily basis in nursing homes. Neglect and financial exploitation (of elderly individuals who can’t make competent decisions on their own), are other forms of abuse which occur in homes. If your loved one and family have been subject to this, or other forms of abuse, you should receive compensation from that home.

When you don’t know where to begin, or how to stop further abuse, a law firm can help. But, only one which specializes with this type of legal claim, is familiar with abuse and neglect cases, and is familiar with the state law pertaining to such claims and legal distortion. Because you don’t know how to protect or legally prevent further issues from occurring, hiring a law firm is the solution. With the right firm, not only will exploitation and abuse end, but your family will be justly compensated, and you will find proper care for your loved ones with the right home in the future, because they simply can’t care for themselves or stand up for themselves.

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