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What to Expect when Pulled for DUI offense

What to Expect when Pulled for DUI offense

If you were, drinking and driving repeatedly, chances are higher that you would attract the attention of police eventually. Two major casualties of alcohol consumption would be caution and judgement. A majority of people have been of the opinion that they could drive easily regardless the amount of alcohol they intake. It would be pertinent to mention here that alcohol consumption could impair your driving ad judgement. You may not have the reflexes to avoid any kind of calamity that is about to happen during your drinking and driving routine. What will happen when you would be held for driving erratically? It would be your first DUI offense.

What to expect when stopped for DUI

In case, you have been pulled over for DUI, the foremost question that falls on your ear would be whether you have been drinking. The aroma of the alcohol coming from your breath would make it apparent for the police officer to ask the question. Regardless, you remain silent or the answer you give them, you would be subjected to breath analyser test. In case, you are above the BAC limit, you would be arrested for drinking and driving. In event of your refusal to take the test, you would be arrested.

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Understanding misdemeanor and felony crimes

When it comes to punishment, there would be vast difference between misdemeanour and felony crimes. In event of DUI arrest, you would be charged with misdemeanor. However, there should not be any bodily injury or damage done to property. In case, you receive a lighter sentence, you would be able to avoid jail time and placed on probation if found guilty. The jail time may not be more than a year. You would be fined. You may lose your driving license for extended duration. You may also be sentenced to alcohol treatment program in case of repeated DUI offense.

Most first time DUI offense would be misdemeanor cases. However, it would be felony of you happen to be a repeated offender. In case, your drinking and driving habit has caused injuries or death to a person, you would be charged with felony. You would be sentenced to prison for a year. Most states may not have provision for reducing the sentence.

Pulled for DUI Offence

What should you do?

Your best bet to save yourself would to hire a DUI attorney. The attorney should have comprehensive knowledge on the DUI cases. They would be able to save you from conviction or reduce your sentence or fine.


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