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The Causes for Divorce in Singapore

The Causes for Divorce in Singapore

In Singapore, either the husband or even the wife can initiate divorce process on the fault or non-fault basis. Based on the law, there’s just one ground for divorce, which is always that the wedding has damaged lower irretrievably. You are able to depend on several details to demonstrate the marriage has damaged lower beyond repair. The most typical cause for divorce which are being trusted are:


If you’re filing on grounds of infidelity, divorce process must commerce within six several weeks from the guilty party’s confession or upon the invention from the improper conduct. Additionally, you initiating divorce under grounds of infidelity will need to produce relevant proof of the improper conduct.

Types of common proof of infidelity could be private investigator’s report, intimate photographs, text or email conversation. There might be other kinds of examples according to individual cases.

Pursuant to Section 95(5)(b) from the Women’s Charter, infidelity won’t be regarded as a well known fact for divorce if both sides still stay together in excess of six several weeks following the initial discovery.

The party who committed infidelity cannot use his/her improper conduct like a reason to launch divorce.

Not reasonable Conduct through the Other Party

Underneath the grounds of not reasonable conduct, the wedding should be demonstrated to become irretrievably damaged lower when one party is not likely to live reasonably using the other.

Not reasonable conduct (“UB”) is really a broad and subjective subject. It offers any not reasonable functions (for example domestic violence, etc) or perhaps a failure to do something (for example not getting together with the household whatsoever, etc). Despite its subjective nature, UB doesn’t include mere unhappiness or even the realisation the couple isn’t appropriate for one another.

A Legal Court will consider all contributions and courses of actions taken by parties through the marriage when divorce is filed under grounds of not reasonable behaviours.

Not reasonable Conduct could be considering where

(I) The issue of if the petitioner finds it intolerable to stick with the respondent should be clarified subjectively through the petitioner

(ii) When confronted with conduct, the issue if the petitioner can reasonably be anticipated to stick with the respondent, is perfect for a legal court to determine fairly.

(iii) A Legal Court will take into consideration any cumulative effects the stated conduct might bring. The UB in consideration isn’t restricted to only the petitioner/respondent, but additionally with other family people or perhaps outsiders, as lengthy because it is of relevance towards the marriage.

Nevertheless, the above mentioned test isn’t a clearly defined rule. It might be better to see a Singapore divorce attorney who could supply you with the appropriate legal counsel according to your present situation.


Pursuant to Section 95(3)(c) from the Women’s Charter, the Complaintant must show evidence the Defendant has deserted her or him for any continuous period with a minimum of 2 yrs with no aim of coming back if divorce will be filed underneath the ground of desertion.

3-year separation with consent

With this to become recognized like a ground for divorce, both sides need to live individually / apart continuously not less than 3 years using the consent from the Defendant prior to the filing from the writ is performed using the consent from the Defendant.

In certain situations, a Deed of Separation is disseminated using the beginning date from the official separation to provide towards the Court throughout the divorce process.

When both sides reconcile throughout separation, the reconciliation period is disregarded as lengthy as it doesn’t exceed six several weeks continuously.

Should you prefer a Deed of Separation, it is advisable to seek consultation from the matrimonial lawyer for advice to be able to ensure that it’s legal and binding.

4-year separation without consent

Which means that the pair was already living individually not less than four years continuously. In such instances, the complaintant doesn’t need the consent from the defendant to launch divorce. Nevertheless, it’s best for that complaintant to create just as much evidence as you possibly can to demonstrate the time period of separation.

If you’re unclear about evidence that you ought to produce to demonstrate the separation, it is best to see a top divorce attorney for legal counsel on regardless of whether you have met the needs to launch the divorce in Singapore.

The Singapore divorce lawyer of YEO & Associates LLC is trained in the alternative dispute resolution and therefore they employ their skills to help both the parties to come to an agreement related to the issues like divisions of assets, properties, and parenting arrangements.

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