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Violation of probation: what you should know

Violation of probation: what you should know

If you were given probation in Vancouver, the judge who handled the case must have given you a detailed description of what would be expected of you during the probationary period. They probably put in place a list of rules you were meant to follow with a clear account of the consequences of not adhering to the rules. The weight of the consequences you face for violating probation depend on factors such as the nature of the violation and how you have conducted yourself in the past. Here are some of the consequences you risk facing for probation violation:

A warning

Your probation officer may choose not to report you to the judge if this is your first violation of probation or if the violation was not that serious. They will warn you of repercussions if you violate the probation for the second time.

Community service

Your probation officer has the right to order you to perform community service for violation of a probationary sentence. You can contact your N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation lawyer for advice if you feel the punishment is too harsh for what you did. Community service is given for minor cases of probation violation.


If you violate probation that banished you from using alcohol or certain drugs by, say, failing a drug test or being caught in possession of drugs, you may be put in a rehabilitation facility. If you fail to comply, you may be sentenced to jail.


If you violate probation and your actions are linked to an underlying emotional or mental issue, you may be ordered to seek the services of a psychiatrist. Sometimes your probation officer may order counseling services due to ongoing issues in your life and not necessarily because you have violated your probation.


In some situations, you may be hit with a penalty for violating probation. It could be a fine you are paying to the victim of the crime that put you under probation in the first place or someone you offended while violating your probation.

Increased probation

Sometimes your probation officer may study your behavior and decide you are not changed enough to be freed from close supervision yet. In this case, they will extend your probation usually with permission from the court.


Sometimes you may find yourself behind bars for a short period for violating probation. This is different from a revocation of probation as you will continue with your probation after your brief stay in jail.

Revocation of probation

Major cases of probation violation in Vancouver may lead to complete revocation of probation. If, for instance, you were prohibited from drinking alcohol but still did it and ended up in a serious fight while intoxicated, you may have your probation revoked and be forced to serve the remainder of the jail term initially handed to you.

 Probations may come with complicated requirements which you may find extremely difficult to comprehend and follow. Having a good lawyer by your side will help you shun mistakes that could have your probation revoked or prolonged.

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