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Reasons to Pursue a Restraining Order

Reasons to Pursue a Restraining Order

It may not always be crystal clear if you need a restraining order or not. But the decision should never be taken lightly. Anytime that you are feeling harmed or threatened or have experienced any harm, it is a good idea to think about getting a restraining order and consulting with a Scottsdale domestic violence attorney.

Knowing exactly what a restraining order is will help you decide if it something that you need.

A restraining order is also known as an order of protection and is a court order that restricts an action or prevents a person from contacting or harassing another person. This will prevent any contact by a person that includes via mail, phone, email or even any contact between third parties. Each state has some different terms and regulations when it comes to restraining orders, but all of them offers protection to prevent any additional harassment.

There are many reasons that a restraining order will be issued, especially if you feel your life or family is being negatively impacted.

One of the biggest reasons for a restraining order is abuse. This could include physical harm or emotional abuse. If you have received harm and fear for your safety, then it is extremely important to take legal action. Even psychological abuse which consists of unreasonable actions that interfere with your daily life. You should also consider a restraining order if you feel like you are being harassed with malicious conduct or real intimidated.

You will need to have proof and the correct documentation to pursue a restraining order, but if you are looking to protect yourself, then it is worth looking into.

It might take some time and patience, but if you are really feeling threatened or have experienced any harm, you should look into what your state requires to obtain a restraining order. Usually, you will need to go to the court house and fill out form, provide the correct documentation and meet with the judge.

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