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The Possible Impact of a DUI Conviction on Your Car Insurance

The Possible Impact of a DUI Conviction on Your Car Insurance

A DUI conviction is often serious and may possibly affect your life in several ways. The conviction might come alongside court fines and other compulsory fees. You may need to set aside transport costs during the mandatory suspension of your license.

The other way a DUI may affect you is that it might cause an increase in your car insurance premiums as well as cancellation of coverage.

High premiums

If you get a DUI conviction, your insurance rates will soar. The premium rates can increase between 30% and 200% based on the circumstances surrounding your case and other factors. For example, if you’ve been paying $150 a month for your car insurance, you may end up spending about $200 to $300 instead. Besides, your insurance provider can choose to drop the coverage completely.

Form SR-22

After getting a DUI, you should file form SR-22 with the State of Nevada every year for three years. The form proves you have car insurance but it’s not insurance itself. To fill out this form, you should show you’ve the required coverage amounts.

Defense against the DUI and related insurance changes

It’s only after you get a DUI conviction that the DUI penalties apply. If you’re found not guilty or the state dismisses the charges, the insurance company won’t find any DUI conviction. Therefore, one way to fight back against the high insurance rates due to a DUI is to defend against those charges strongly. To establish the viable defenses that may lead to the dismissal of charges, work with a skilled Las Vegas DUI defense attorney.

Pursue a plea

Pursuing a plea is the other option. The district attorney may decide to lower the charges to a minor offense like reckless driving. If that happens, you’ll deal with the consequences of careless driving rather than DUI conviction. While a reckless driving conviction is probably not going to thrill the insurance company, it doesn’t amount to a DUI conviction.

Mandatory license suspension

After facing a DUI conviction, what follows is a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. The suspension takes place whether or not you can maintain your car insurance. The first DUI leads to a three-month license suspension. The second DUI comes with a one-year license suspension, and a third DUI leads to a three-year suspension.

An experienced attorney can help you figure out whether you’ve any options to prevent or reduce suspension. You only have seven days to place your request and attend a hearing regarding your driver’s license.

Insurance requirements

When sorting out insurance after a DUI, it’s crucial you know the amount of coverage you should have. In Nevada, you need at least $15,000 to cover death of one individual or bodily injury. On the other hand, you need $30,000 to cover bodily injury and death of more than one individual. In addition, you must have $10,000 or more to cover property damages.

When facing a DUI charge, your attorney goes past negotiating a plea or taking your case to trial. Instead, they usually help you to analyze the entire situation in a bid to minimize the possible consequences.

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