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Bicycle Accident Law in California: Important Things you should know

Bicycle Accident Law in California: Important Things you should know

According to a recent report, bicycle accidents in California are majorly caused by dangerous road conditions, reckless driving, or even reckless pedestrians. The personal injury law allows victims of bicycle accidents to seek damages for the injuries sustained or property damage associated with the accident. People who have lost their loved ones in these types of accidents can also file a wrongful death claim to get compensated for their loss.

The parties liable for a bicycle accident should pay financial damages to the plaintiffs in accordance with the California State personal injury law. If you strongly believe that someone was responsible for your injuries, it is recommended to consult with a dependable Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to establish whether or not you have a valid claim. The attorney can also help gather the pieces of evidence you need to pursue your claim successfully.

In California, the law allows the victims of cycling accidents to recover the following damages.

  • Lost wages
  • Physical injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Bicycle damage
  • Physical injuries

Risk factors in cycling accidents

Any individual who rides a bicycle can be at risk of getting injured, even the most experienced riders. However, there are several factors that might place some people at a bigger risk of biking injuries or in some worst cases, death.

  • Sex
  • Urban areas
  • Age
  • Whether the rider is wearing a helmet
  • Time of the day
  • Alcohol impairment

It is recommended to ride carefully and have the right biking gear. Remember, whenever a rider hits a car or any other vehicle, the chances are that they will sustain severe injuries. This is because the rider is more exposed than the person inside a car.

What to do after a bike accident

The first and most important step after being involved in a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention. It is also important to call the police immediately. If you aren’t able to make the call, ask a witness to call the police and emergency medical service provider if you have been injured.

Note that most cycling accidents involve the neck, back, and head trauma. These injuries may be minor or severe and must be evaluated by a medical practitioner. Though you might feel alright after the accident, the chances are that you may start feeling pain after a day or two. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention immediately after the accident.

Gather evidence

After a bicycle-car crash, you should try as much as you can to document the crash scene. Here are some of the details you should gather.

  • The car’s license plate number
  • The vehicle insurance details
  • Contact details of the witnesses
  • The car driver’s name and contact details
  • The model, make, and color of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that your safety should always be a priority. In case the vehicle driver isn’t cooperating, trying to flee the scene, impaired, consider calling the police immediately. It is also good to obtain the car’s license plate number.

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